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Why Should you Make a Webshow

The internet is a good place to share your ideas about the topics that you really like. One way to do this is by making a webshow. Now, the World Wide Web is not just a place for adults, but for children as well. A...
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Former child singers who became adult stars

It’s hard to transition from a child singer to a successful adult star. Between the money, the pressure and the temptations of a star-studded young life, many successful child stars become burned out or washed up by the time they reach their twenties. It takes...
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Becoming a child singer

Everyone can sing, but not everyone can sing well, especially as a child. Becoming a child singer takes time, practice, determination and natural ability, and if you want to be successful, you have to really commit to the task at hand. Here are a few...
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iCarly Instant Fame?

Miranda Cosgrove and her friends on the TV show iCarly achieved almost instant fame when their webshow, iCarly, took off overnight. But is that kind of instant-fame attainable in the real world? Maybe, maybe not. There are millions upon millions of people online every day,...
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Becoming a triple threat performer

There may be a point in your career where you have the opportunity to specialize in a particular type of performance, but you’ll have more success as a kid if you can develop skills in a variety of areas. Just think about your favorite stars...
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Coming up with ideas for short films

short film
Creating your own web show may sound like a lot of fun, but it takes more than a camera and an internet connection to create a great show. Use these quick tips to learn how to brainstorm ideas for your next video clip. What do...
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Hot Young Stars

Chances are you’re dying to be one of the hottest young actors or performers on the market. While show business can be tough, it can also be rewarding for those with true talent. So, cue up some background music and take a few minutes to...
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Microphones: Directional and Nondirectional

action clipboard
When planning for your next video shoot, and before considering buying another microphone for your camera, you should become familiar with the two types of microphones: directional and nondirectional. The directional microphone records sounds from a specific direction while eliminating most of the background noise....
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Publicity and Promotion of your Work

publicity, promotion, advertising
If you are doing fine with your productions geared toward a certain demographic, that is good. But if you want to expand your business to a greater audience, word of mouth advertising will do wonders. However, to make your work popular, you must either cultivate...
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Having my own webshow

This year turned out to be fun for 8 year old Becky. She is inspired by acting and dreams of one day performing on Broadway. Becky always imagined starting her own show and that she would become a star. Becky who is only 8 years...
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Organizing the Audience

Girl is singing on stage
Today, thanks to the generous support of most social media, online blogs, radio, news, and internet overall, the problem of geting an audience has become greatly simplified. Paid Advertising Paid advertising is extremely valuable as it helps keep your name in the minds of others....
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Low Budget Film | Short Films

Girl is standing next to a barn, singing
Film Budget It has gotten more difficult for film makers to get their movies funded by a studio. If you are a film maker, you no longer need to wait to get your film funded. You don’t need to spend a lot to make a...
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Video Games and Your Parents

web video ny
Listening to your parents is rewarding, Becky explains: “Wait, a long time a go kids had no television to watch, no video games to play. Kids and Video Games Today we have a huge choice of them, and an even bigger need for them. The...
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Helping a Friend Learn How-To Dance

Dear Friends, I invite you to watch the latest episode of a brand new web show, appearing today on your computer. Becky is helping a friend learn how-to dance. Mitchell will be in the spotlight of his shool dance tomorrow and needs to learn how...
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Cool Web Shows

Attempting to Space Travel During the planning process & before going to space, engineers did not rebuild their inventories. As the molecules recede, other forces are encouraging the body to factor in DNA change, and Tyler (role of commander) undergoes body shrinking. Tyler became really...
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I Love NY

I was sort of looking forward to visit NYC this spring. I loved to walk on the streets of Manhattan. Could not help to notice tourists are enjoying their NYC trip, taking their time, walking very slowly and New Yorkers who want to get from...
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Prepare for your Web Show

To make a successful web show requires some planning and the right tools. Here are some tips to get you started off on the right foot. The key to a good video shoot is to have the right equipment. First off, check your camera, lighting,...
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As technology improves and the internet is the place where everybody can find anything, more and more people, young and old have been starring in web shows. If you search for applying mascara, you will most definitely find a young lady showing you how to...
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