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Updating Your Headshot

updating your photoEven if you love your first headshot, chances are it won’t last with you throughout your career. At some point you’re going to realize that your headshot no longer represents who you are or what you look like, and you’ll need to book an appointment for a new photo. Here are 8 ways to judge if it’s time for a new headshot:

You’ve lost or gained weight.

Your headshot is your “two second interview,” and if it doesn’t look like you, you’ve basically misrepresented yourself to your hiring manager. Not a good way to start out a job. Small fluctuations in weight are completely normal and nothing to think twice about, but if you’ve gained or lost 10 or more pounds, it’s probably time to invest in a new headshot.

You’ve grown.

Young actors and actresses who haven’t yet hit puberty need to realize that as they grow, they’re not just growing taller, their whole frame is growing and changing, resulting in small changes to facial structure. If you look at your headshot and think it makes you look younger or smaller than you actually are, it’s probably time for an update.

You’ve matured.

It’s not just child stars who need to keep a close eye on how their age is reflected in their headshot – older performers also need to take note. Your headshot should give directors a quick example of what you look like today, not what you looked like five years ago. If you’re looking older or more mature, your headshot needs to reflect that.

You’ve made over your appearance.

If you’ve bleached your dark hair or shaved off your goatee, and you don’t plan on changing your look back before your next audition, it’s time to get a new headshot. If the director is hoping to hire a brunette, and you come in as a bleach-blonde, he’s not going to be too happy.

You’ve had “work” done.

This one’s kind of a no-brainer. If you had a nose job or a face lift, your face will look different, so you’ll need to update your headshot.

You’ve had a facial injury.

No one wants to think about this, but if you’ve been in an accident or suffered an illness that caused facial damage, you might need to get a new headshot. While not every facial injury will require an updated headshot, broken bones and scarring can affect your appearance, so be sure to keep this in mind.

You “feel” different.

Maybe you’ve just been through a significant life experience or you’ve “made over” your life in a way that has affected your personality. If you feel like your headshot no longer shows off the “true you,” it’s time for an update.

You’ve drastically changed your diet and exercise routine.

Even if you haven’t gained or lost a pound, if you’re eating healthier or exercising more frequently, you may experience changes in weight and muscle distribution that affect how you look in pictures. For instance, if you were eating a diet full of white breads, sugars and fats, but you’ve switched those out for lean protein, veggies and water, your face may start looking leaner. If you start hearing people tell you how strong or lean you look, it may be time to get a new headshot.

by Laura Williams